This Spiritual Coach Got Her Life & Business Back On Track Piece By Piece

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Candice Hozza helps high performing entrepreneurs to release the blocks that hold them back from life, business and prosperity.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience…

During the pandemic I stepped into this quest, into this journey at such a pivotal time in my own personal life.

I’m super grateful for this opportunity to share where I was – I was in a lot of pain physically and emotionally.

I discovered that I wasn’t in alignment with my relationship with my husband, because our values were different. This wasn’t a new insight, but what was new, was I chose to be and to live in the space of my heart.

As I started settling into my heart through meditation, through journaling, through really going deep, I played full out, and I chose that.

I feel like right now in my life I’m in act three, which Jane Fonda says for a woman at my age is the final act. Not that I can’t continue to contribute but it’s the most important stage of my life because it’s a stage where I think I can contribute the most, which is one of my high values. 

The challenge was when I started this, is that I wasn’t living from a space in my heart for me. I would share my heart with others but I wasn’t sharing it necessarily with me.

What opened up for me with my deeper meditation practice was just connecting, just settling into me even more deeply.

What this helped me to do was kind of pull apart my life in a good way to examine it, piece by piece, moment by moment, the tiny little segments. As I started to pull my life apart, I realized that I really do want to share my heart with somebody when the time is right.

But first I need to make some decisions about where I’m at in a current relationship that doesn’t have aligned values. I still have a hard conversation to have.

The next thing that I discovered is by just planning a little bit in my business and in my life I have some new compelling things to look forward to.

First I want to go to Bali, Indonesia, in March, April, and May of 2021. I’m doing it for me for a spiritual journey inward. I’ve raised my children and I’m really grateful. I wanted to give myself something as a reward, because my son’s 19 and just finished with this first year of college. My game plan has always been for the second year of his college to go on a journey for me – that awakened more deeply in this journey.

The big thing for me is wanting to share my heart with somebody as I share my heart with myself first. I was too willing in life to share my heart with others, but I wasn’t looking inside myself to see what I wanted.

I want a relationship where I have a special name; that I’m loved and nurtured and then I could give loving and nurturance to somebody else with aligned values who has done some work on themselves too.

I’m grateful to Simon, and to the quest family because they helped through all the tears and all the pain.

There was a lot of laughter and joy too. I’m grateful that I was able to be on this journey and on this quest, and now I have a new journey into my heart.

That’s my responsibility as I trust myself and align was my new life. And my new business that also shifted. I was working way too hard.

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