The Athletic Performance Coach Finally Let Go Of Resentments With His Parents

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Mark Shimmin is a coach for high performing athletes who are looking to improve and find a balance between athletics and life.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience…

Before I even though about joining the program I was in this place of uneasiness with myself, with all the different skills and mindsets, and experiences that I’ve had.

I come from a running coach, sports massage therapist, and body-mind coach background – and I was thinking, how can I bring all these things I see as separate and bring them together to encompass who I am and provide value to the world?

In this place of confusion, I put something out into the world – what’s my next step, who can help me in this? Simon came along and I started working with him. And through this program, it helped me address the issues of the uneasiness and resentment towards my parents, my challenges with suicidal thoughts, to just not being sure of who I am as a person, what do I value?

From the work in this program, (and let me tell you, this isn’t a program where it’s you’re going to get the cupcake answers). This is a program, where you have to show up every single day.

You need to show up and do the work, and one the biggest shifts I had was showing up for myself, getting into a better routine with my sleeping pattern, nutrition, meditation; those things right there, big shifts in terms of how I was able to handle the rest of the day going forward. 

Now when things come up, or I have to make a pivot, or things that aren’t planned that suddenly I have to react to, I don’t freak out.

That’s a big shift for me, along with the shift of not having resentment towards my parents, because for so long, there were a lot of unsaid things between all three of us.

That was just eating me up inside, and now I feel so much closer to my parents than I ever have before.

From there, it’s amazing even just connecting with them now. I’m speechless on what to say just other than I don’t feel a resentment there, and I don’t even feel uncomfortable to say I love you to my parents – something I never thought was possible before I started working in this program. 

I’m feeling at peace with who I am, with who I value, and even going into future relationships, whether it’s on a personal level, or business level working with clients.

I feel more secure of myself of what expectations standard I hold for myself. 

Also what my intuition says, not only about people but about what I need to do for myself. The intuition part is super key because intuition is that internal guide. It allows you to cut through the crap, to really tune in to what is actually in alignment.

One of the big things is that I feel at peace. I feel aligned.

Yes, I’m still figuring out my business, I’m still growing, I’m still building. For the first time, I feel at peace about how I’m going to do it, versus oh my goodness I got lots of idea’s, what the hell am I going to do? Now it’s hey I’ve got some ideas working in this scope.

This is my area. This is my zone of genius. This is what separates me from anybody else. And that’s the beautiful thing about this program.

If you’re looking to figure out where your zone of genius is, this is a program for you.

Hopefully, you sign up for it, or if not go and find where you’re supposed to be. It’s about following your intuition and being clear on who you are and what you want to do in the world.

If you’re a leader, a CEO or an entrepreneur and you want to achieve amazing results and emotional intelligence, you can apply for my 6 week 1-1 intensive here or check out the Super High Performance Formula.

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