How To Get Into Massive Aligned Action In Your Business Today

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It’s very important for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants to take action. But what is aligned action? What does that actually mean? And how do you become more aligned and take more aligned action, so you can put your message out into the world and be happier?

For many entrepreneurs, it’s hard to get into momentum, but if you identify just one thing that’s holding you back, you can begin to get back into what’s called ‘flow.’

Being in flow means you’re in your zone, doing the things you enjoy and things are starting to move for you. You feel energized, driven, and focused so you start to attract things to you more frequently. That’s an important energy for any entrepreneur to be in.

Being Stuck Sucks

It’s painful when you feel stuck. 

When you’re an entrepreneur and you can’t move, but you know you have the capability and you have gifts to offer, but for some reason, things aren’t working out, it’s frustrating for you and your business. You’ll feel blocked  – if you have a major task to complete or a project to work on, it can mean you need to battle through. Working through areas that are alien to you because we’ve not done them before can make you feel lost. 

There’s always a breakthrough on the other side of a challenge.

That’s where your evolution takes place – tackling things you haven’t done before. This is when entrepreneurs move into mastery. Think of something in your life that you have mastered. What have you dedicated many hours to and seen results? Mastery is not just about hours put in, it’s about how well you generate results.

The thing you mastered took discipline, it took effort, it also took action. When it comes to aligned action, you’re pursuing activities that align with your values system. They feel light and you look forward to them. When you’re taking action that’s not aligned, it feels heavy and you may find other parts of your life start to fall apart. 

Things falling apart can be a good thing, but course-correcting leads you back to where you need to be. 

I’m often course-correcting the entrepreneurs I’m working with. They may have veered off track – that can come from toxicity, distractions, or being around the wrong people. Aligned action is about values, knowing yourself, and being connected to yourself emotionally.

The Steps Of A.C.T.I.O.N.

A is about ALIGNMENT

It’s important not to create too much disruption – sometimes in business, disruption is good when it comes to areas like marketing when you’re trying to disrupt an industry and bring in innovation.

When it comes to action, efficiency is important. 

If you park your car awkwardly, you’re going to get a ticket. Why? Because your car wasn’t in alignment. Are you subconsciously or even consciously parking your own car in a ridiculous fashion causing disruption to other people?

Ensure you are lining things up as much as you can. Know your values, understand yourself, and what is guiding you from within. A lot of pain in life can be caused because you’re using things external to yourself as a driver for motivation instead of what you’re feeling internally. 

For much of my life, I lived based upon extrinsic drivers and what other people wanted for me versus looking within. I didn’t know how to look inwardly – I didn’t know how to access myself and I didn’t want to feel because that was scary for me.

When you start to align, you become aware of your intrinsic drivers and begin to use your inner compass as your guiding system. That’s very powerful because it comes from ‘knowing.’ It comes from a place within you that you don’t need to question. 

C is about CARE

If you don’t take care of yourself – maybe you’re drinking a lot of alcohol, taking drugs, or surrounded by toxic people who are affecting your mental health. That’s a lack of self-care. When you start to care for yourself more and take your physical and mental health seriously, it will benefit your wellbeing.

I began mentoring personal trainers in their businesses. Even though I’d worked as a personal trainer myself, I came up with a story that I was working on the business so I didn’t need to keep myself fit. I got completely out of shape physically and this had an impact on my mental health. 

I realized this one story was limiting my health and my business. 

When you start to get healthy and take care of yourself your primary focus is feeling good and being in a place within you where you feel positive. You can then have a sustainable business because you are maintaining your wellbeing.

There are degrees of self-care. I can tell from someone’s calendar how stressed they are. Are you fully booked with meetings and work? Do you take time out for yourself? 

Your business will take you outside of yourselves most of the time. The majority of work won’t take you inward and creates a lot of disruption. If you don’t take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally, you may find an uptake in what you’re doing for a short period of time, but your body won’t be able to sustain that.

How Are You Performing?

When you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not really performing, things are really bad. If you’re just performing, you’re getting by. High performance is about making things happen. Shit gets done! It’s about focus. But it can be at the cost of your health because maybe there are some things you haven’t unresolved that are holding you and your business back. 

Think about how you and your business are performing. You could be at the stage where you are low performing, performing, or high performing. I get my clients to the super high-performance level.

Super high performance is about addressing the things that most people don’t want to address so you’re building, growing, and becoming an unshakable leader from a very different foundation within you.

You could be making a lot of money as an entrepreneur, but if you have disruption within you from things you haven’t unresolved, such as past traumas, you’re going to become stuck and won’t be able to move in either your personal or business life. 

Self-care is about becoming energetically intelligent about yourself and knowing what your best self feels like. I get the entrepreneurs I work with to a place where they feel a very different way. 

Your personal and spiritual development journey takes you to the place within you to heal and work on things.


Transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity are all very important when it comes to action because there’s power within that. 

Entrepreneurs who are transparent, vulnerable, and honest have high levels of integrity – they speak the truth. It produces a lot of positive energy because authentic power is transmitted from within.

Transparency is key because you take ownership of who you are.


When it comes to action and living your best life accessing your intuition is absolutely amazing. It’s a completely new way of operating for a lot of people (especially if you’re analytical.)

You will hold yourself back in your businesses if you ignore the intuitive hits you feel. When you don’t act your body will remind you of your failure to listen.

Don’t disrespect your soul.

Anxiety, pain, stress, and worry, will show up because your soul is unsettled and wants to be experiencing something different. 

If you don’t do deep work on yourself you cannot access your intuition as easily. You won’t recognize signals to act or hear the little whispers calling you to take action on things. You won’t notice your intuitive hit because toxicity will stand in the way of you feeling it – if you do notice the hit, you’ll become crippled by overthinking. 

O is taking OWNERSHIP

When it comes to taking action, if you externally blame and shift things outside of yourself you’re not taking responsibility and won’t be able to grow. Blaming, and making yourself a victim won’t allow you to move forward. If you want to take more action, take ownership. 

N is for NEXT

As an entrepreneur, you will typically have a massive to-do list; instead of focusing on everything that you have to do, focus on the next thing to do so you’re living in the present moment. 

When you are focusing on everything you don’t have you’re not focusing on the next thing that you need to do to. 

It’s important to have a vision, a mission, and a big picture, especially when it excites and motivates you, but if you’re getting stressed out by things you’re unable to focus on, you need to focus on the one thing you can do. 

When someone wants to lose a hundred pounds and they’re solely focused on the hundred pounds, they won’t have the motivation to see their weight loss through because it’s so far away, but when they focus on the next step, they become motivated and accumulate weeks of steps. That’s when progress is seen and felt.

Is it time for you to take aligned action and begin living an aligned life? Do you want to help more people, transform more lives, and become an unshakable leader?

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