How This Entrepreneur Finally Started To Deal With His True Blocks To Success

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 Here’s what Robert Klassen he had to say about his experience…

I just completed Simon Lovell’s Super High Performance program, and I want to tell you a little bit about my experience. 

When I started my life had just fallen apart. I was effectively homeless, but I felt free for the first time to explore my potential, try new things, and see what would happen.

I’d always wanted to take a chunk of time to go on a retreat or something; take a month to just rebuild my life from square one, and this kind of turned out to be that opportunity.

I signed up for a few different programs, mostly around business development and digital marketing – this was the only one that I completed.

I was still working pretty steadily and I was worn down, but still feeling optimistic. The blackball experience was an interesting re exploration of old traumas that had influenced me.

Really exploring that and realising that it wasn’t so much my past traumas that were holding me back as it was my current traumas that I was refusing to deal with.

Well, that really put me into a tailspin, I wound up taking a month off of work, because I was too emotionally overwhelmed.

That was necessary. I think a lot of healing came out of that rather difficult experience.

I also learned that I love to help people grow but in an organic spontaneous, teachable moment kind of way. Doing that in a structured kind of way with a regular content release as a coach or something like that just doesn’t appeal to me. 

In the later weeks, he gave us a bunch of leadership actions and I was able to kind of test drive, being that sort of intentional influencer, and I discovered it wasn’t for me. I was not expecting that, but that was important to learn. I’m glad I did.

The daily accountability; this is a distance or virtual program and that daily accountability is amazing without feeling really intrusive.

It’s very supportive. It helps to get stuff done. There’s a reason why I was able to make it to the finish line. That’s a big part of it.

Also, the daily meditation practice helped to shift that for me from being an emergency stabilization method to being a necessary daily coping mechanism – it’s right up there with my daily cup of coffee!

I realized that my drive to grow was really just spiritualized self-rejection. It was nice to put my life on hold for an extended period of time, and just go all-in on change and work with some really great people to make that happen.

It was something I always wanted to do. Now that I’ve done it I realized that maybe that wasn’t what I was looking for but I would have never known if I hadn’t gone all-in and tried.

I don’t really have a better plan that I’m excited about. I don’t really find myself in a better personal or professional situation, at least not yet. However, I’m a lot less concerned about how I think it should be, and a lot more excited and accepting of how it is. 

I rediscovered what it feels like to be supported by caring people, and probably that is the biggest impact this program had. I learned things about myself that I hadn’t expected to and I’ve come a lot closer to accepting them.

I think this is worth it. It definitely changed me in a few key ways.

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