The Feel Good Switch From Hard ‘Selling’ To Conscious Enrollment

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Have you learned sales but it just doesn’t feel right? Do you struggle to discuss your price or program but feel like a used car salesman?

Having a ‘conscious business’ is a term that is becoming more popular. As entrepreneurs and people in business start to grow and evolve personally, becoming a conscious leader is the most aligned way to operate in your business.

In order for you to grow your business, you need to be able to sell your services or your product. Conscious sales means you have meaningful discussions with people so you gain new clients or customers from a place of integrity. 

When you are congruent with your business you can sell with confidence.  

Unlearn The Hard Sell

Because of what has been taught, especially in areas of internet marketing, there is critically important unlearning to do. You know whether the strategy you have right now feels right to you and if it feels aligned with you and your values.

As I’ve spiritually evolved as a person, I’ve let go of many of the strategies I used to implement because as my values changed they didn’t feel right to me. 

I was taught a lot about hard closing strategies for sales that I find disgusting now. When it comes to getting more clients and enrolling people using a fear strategy, people only invest because they are scared.

You have clients that don’t get results that are living in a state of fear and it ends up backfiring on you, creating problems. This is caused by the ego – your false self is driven to make so much to make money and hit a financial target that you ignore your principles.

Conscious enrollment means you’re running your business by making decisions based upon your internal voice, that tells you what feels right – if you choose not to listen to that voice, clients become a problem, they don’t get results and customers buy your product or service through manipulation.

You’re in conversations with people who you know you shouldn’t take on as clients, and your integrity is overpowered by your ego. This leads you and your client down a path that won’t turn out well. You should only enroll someone if you can provide the service they need because you want to be able to get results with people. If you don’t get results with people, that will have an impact on your confidence.

Having a conscious business is about doing things differently and about unlearning.

I spend a lot of time helping entrepreneurs listen to their inner guidance system, so they have emotional and intelligent energy around sales.

When you’re aware of how you feel and you know it’s wrong you have to take responsibility for that. It’s very easy to blame the other person for the problems they cause when you should take personal responsibility. This is something you will naturally do as you start to evolve. 

Change Your Language and Boost your Confidence

If you have a certain association with sales and closing, and you struggle with confidence in sales conversations, you need to change the association you have with the language you’re using. 

I don’t like the word ‘closing’ in sales; no-one wants to be closed by someone. Change your language to help with your confidence and start ‘enrolling’ people in your product. Making a mental switch will make you feel differently when you’re speaking to people. 

Changing your language will boost your confidence and that will lead you to better results.

You’re probably okay having conversations with people about what you do because you’re passionate about it, but as you start to pivot to your offer and you enter a different part of the conversation to have a person enroll, you start to lose your confidence.  

The way to become amazing at sales and enrollment is about being calm. When you’re calm in a discussion with somebody, you’re not overthinking about something and it allows an open dialogue.

If you don’t have confidence in sales and you’re rejected, the conversation will impact you; especially if you have a fear of rejection or personally unresolved issues.

I’ve been rejected on sales calls – I would spend days and sometimes weeks feeling depressed, listening to my own negative mental chatter. I would make the rejection about myself doing something wrong when really I had unresolved internal issues.  

Sometimes a person isn’t a fit for your program, it’s not the right time for them or they don’t actually have the money to invest. 

One of the most important things in conscious enrollment is the truth – open up safe conversations so people are able to tell you what’s really going on, instead of making excuses because they want to get out of the conversation because they don’t feel safe to talk to you about what’s real. 

You will get the truth from people. They will be honest and you and you will be honest with them.

True confidence is absolutely fundamental when it comes to enrollment. If you don’t have grounded energy within yourself, and you don’t feel calm all the way through a conversation, it’s going to affect how people feel when they’re in a conversation with you. The words you speak are important, but the energy, how connected and safe someone feels should be a priority.

All of this is absolutely fundamental when it comes to consciously enrolling, versus hard closing and hard sales when you’re using manipulation tactics that feel off to you.

Become Energy Aware

Conscious enrollment and conscious sales are also about understanding energy. It’s easy to tell when energy shifts during a video conversation or if you’re in person, but if you’re unaware when a shift happens you won’t be aligned with the person you’re talking to.

When things are calm and the energy is good conversation flows easily. 

You will get the truth from people, they will be honest, you will be honest with them. When the energy shifts, because of your energy or something you say, the other person will listen to their own mental chatter and they won’t focus on what you’re saying to them. That will kill the opportunity to enroll that client and potentially change their life. 

Get very good at noticing the shifts that happen if you’re in tune with yourself – if you’re not in tune with yourself, you’re not going to be in tune with somebody else. 

What’s Your  Money Thermostat?

If you’re finding that your business is not expanding to the level you want it to, it could be that you have a mindset point with your money thermostat setting that is preventing it from growing.

If you have a money block when it comes to growth and have certain beliefs about money, you will make enough money to survive but not thrive and grow.

It’s very important to be aware of that because self-sabotage happens a lot when it comes to sales. Entrepreneurs get into conversations and find ways not to enroll a person, and then feel confused; part of you wants the client or sale, but another part of you sabotages it.

You can sabotage when it comes to the transition into the offer. You can give away free information during a conversation for that person not to implement any of it. You may keep sending people to other entrepreneurs or businesses when you can help that person yourself. 

It’s so important to be self-aware and understand how your blocks around money affect your sales, enrollment, and helping people.

Take The Pressure Off

You don’t want to find sales heavy. Sales and enrollment should be enjoyable. You should be able to have an enjoyable conversation with someone without either of you feeling under pressure.

When you understand energy and emotional and energetic intelligence in relation to sales, people will want to work with you. Use that energy instead of a strategy that doesn’t feel right to you, that’s completely out of alignment, and moves someone to take action because you make them feel pressured.

When you pressure someone to do something, you may get an immediate result but it will backfire on you in the long term. 

When it’s not the right time for people to enroll you don’t beat yourself up, overthink and make it about you. You know that person may come back when they’re ready to.

Don’t attach yourself to the outcome of the conversations you’re having.One of the worst things that you can do is to attach yourself to a sale because you are valuing sales and money above yourself. 

Understand there are new ways to do things. Be an unshakeable leader and consciously enroll new clients and customers because they align with who you are. 

You will feel ease in your sales and enrollment, get into a flow, and you’ll notice how aligned you feel in your business which will lead to an upturn in your success.

The Conscious Enrollment Formula is the new proven framework that is available now. If you don’t like ‘hard selling’ then you will love this.

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