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I’m going to bring your attention to something that could change everything for you – a term used a lot in the entrepreneurial community is ‘high performance.’ I want to redefine that phrase and take it to another level because it can have serious consequences.

A lot of suicides happen with entrepreneurs you look at and think have everything. So many people take their own lives each year and many of those people were high performers.

I want to be really honest and look at what’s beneath that and think about emotional intelligence and energetic intelligence in relation to high performance.

The Levels Of Performance

Low performance is when energy is being taken away from you, maybe you’ve gone into a business, and you’re just not happy. There are other things happening maybe in your relationships, and you’re just not where you want to be. Your output is not optimal.

When you’re performing things are going okay. You might be working paycheck to paycheck and you’re coasting.

The next level is high performance – I think it starts to get slightly dangerous with this terminology because when a lot of people think about high performance, they think about being really focused and hitting certain targets. The reality is that there’s still a lot of burnout, depression, anxiety, and very destructive thought patterns happening even when people are performing at their highest.

Your Optimal Level Of Performance

I want to introduce a new level, this is ‘super high performance.’ This is about letting go and resolving things that have happened in your past.

People who are very successful, making the money and living in the home they want, still have things from the past they haven’t been dealt with. That takes up a lot of energy.

When you deal with that energy and start to have difficult conversations, you bring to your awareness something that needs to be tackled that you may not have known was an issue. Having that awareness is so important.

When you discover what needs to be uncovered (it could be a relationship with a family member or an issue around shame) it’s dealt with energetically and it can be resolved.

That release moves you into a whole new level of performance so things flow more easily, you’re in alignment, relationships are better and you even have better sex because of it!

Financial Success Is Not Enough

That energy is very different from when you’re focused, making money, and achieving but you know within you that something is wrong because things just don’t feel right to you.

I got to a place when I questioned where I was leading people. I had everything I thought I wanted and I’d reached all the goals I thought were going to make me successful. I reached a material success but I knew deep within me that there was so much more I needed to do.

If you aren’t aware you have things to heal you continue to push through until you hit your next target. You think you’re going to reach the top of the mountain and suddenly your life will be perfect. Nothing can become perfect but you can manage things differently and you don’t have a negative charge around something.

This is very common when it comes to anger. If something happened in the past and it doesn’t get resolved you show up the present moment being angry, snapping at people, and have no idea why it’s happening.

You think something in the business is going on, so you continue to push forward, but actually it’s something that’s happened in the past.

When I bring this attention and awareness to an entrepreneur, it’s a massive light bulb moment.

The trouble is that most people want to avoid it because it’s hard to face and feel emotions. It’s understandable for entrepreneurs to continue to push forward, and look towards what can be achieved instead of what needs to be let go of.

Drop Your Weights

A balloon can’t rise if there are weights holding it down. Picture a balloon rising to where you see your future. Imagine there are weights on the balloon so it can’t start to ascend and each of those weights around the balloon is something that you’re not willing to address because it’s too painful, or you don’t know what that weight contains.

When you start to have things brought into your awareness, through listening to a podcast or a relationship with a coach, you become aware, and then you have a choice.

Do you deep dive into it or do you continue to ignore it?

The reality is that a lot of people choose to continue to ignore it. It’s human nature to push it down and ignore it.

People who have a lot of debt continue to ignore it away so it goes away, but the reality is that a lot of people live their life that way.

The trouble with that strategy is it will always be there chipping away at you. It will manifest in a multitude of different ways (an addiction, anger, a lack of confidence) and as you continue to suppress it you’re ignoring the very thing that can set you free.

As you start to pop those bubbles and address your issues, you start to feel lighter and free. You start to feel more like yourself and to live a life true to yourself and feel free in who you really are. Your life is more than your next financial target or goal.

The way to become fulfilled and deeply happy is about finding inner peace within you.

When those things are dealt with it can be very uncomfortable and you will need to have very difficult, challenging conversations with yourself and others.

You’re going to experience tears and heartache, but when you work on yourself, miraculous things will happen to you and your life. You start to attract amazing relationships into your life and attract more opportunities that align with you.

When you carry your weights it confuses you. They take up energy within that you need for something else, so you start to overcompensate. When you overcompensate, it’s easy for you to get burned out because you’re not managing yourself efficiently.

How Are You Performing?

If you’re performing at a low-level what’s the true reason for that? Is it just about a strategy, or is it that something else is going on?

Are you performing and getting by but also feeling frustrated that you’re not where you would actually want to be?

Are you at that level of high performance where you’re making money? Maybe your business is growing, things are moving forward, but something feels off and you just can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. That is an indicator there is something that needs to be healed and something needs to be addressed from your subconscious, from your timeline in your past.

If your business or career is moving forward, you’re in high energy, you’re on fire right now and you’re genuinely happy, let’s not create a problem. Celebrate where you are because that’s awesome. I’m not here to create a challenge that’s not there.

If you are not in that position, it’s time to get honest.

I was in a place where I thought how I felt was normal. As I started to heal myself, and address things (co-dependency in my relationship, material drive for success, and anger) I decided to look at myself and pivot slightly from my business to invest in and spend time on myself.

Become The Catalyst For Change

When you make that decision, you take the leap and a whole new world opens up. You have more empathy for others because you’re on your path of evolution – there’s something exciting about that because you start to activate a whole new way of living. You make a leap and when you’re on the other side you never thought you could feel that way.

When you have things from your past that haven’t been resolved, or there are conversations you need to have, there are things you don’t need anymore because you’ve created a whole new identity and resolved an issue that doesn’t need your energy.

Sit with the idea of high performance and have an honest conversation with yourself. When you’re willing to go there, it doesn’t just impact you, you become a catalyst for change for other people.

I want to be the catalyst for change so that I can lead others. I love helping young entrepreneurs who are maybe going through an addiction to help them understand themselves more.

The reality is more and more people are depressed and so many people take their lives because of something that hasn’t been healed.

You have the ability to heal. You might not know how to do it, and that’s okay because at least you can start to explore your options, but what will happen if you continue to ignore your inner knowing, is that it will show up in other ways. It will show up in anxiety, fear, addiction, insecurity, jealousy, and hate.

Then it will show up in your business and you are your business. You are leading your business and your team. How you feel within you is going to spill out to everybody, your team members, contractors, and your family.

When you make the commitment to be the very best version of yourself do whatever it takes – don’t put limits on yourself to what you need to do. Take yourself on an airplane across the country, invest in a program, read books, listen to podcasts, or hire a coach.

When you make that commitment and you’re willing to do the work and put the time, effort, and energy into yourself, instead of focusing on your business, you’re going to have a better quality of life.

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Simon Lovell

Featured on Forbes.com and Entrepreneur, Simon Lovell coaches and mentors top CEOS, entrepreneurs, and leaders on emotional intelligence, fulfillment, and happiness so they can reach the next level of impact. He is author of The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have A Secret & the host of Unshakeable Leaders Podcast.

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