The Top 10 Ways To Be A Calm, Confident Entrepreneur

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My spiritual journey has taught me to slow down and think about how my energy affects the man I am, the people I lead, and how I run my business.

I spent many years living from and operating at draining levels of energy – I was compulsively impatient, rushing around with nervous energy. 

Now, I don’t do that. I live my life and run my business very differently becasue I learned how to feel calm and tap into my confidence. 

When you really embody living from a place of calm confidence, you can move forward in your business. Follow my top 10 ways to help you become a calm, confident entrepreneur. 


How deeply do you connect with yourself? If you’re struggling to connect with others, it means you’re disconnected from yourself. When you’re an entrepreneur you really need to be able to connect with all kinds of people.

Maybe you have lost your connection with your confidence. When you say you have lost confidence, you didn’t lose your confidence, you lost your connection with it.

Your confidence is always there – if I asked you when you last felt confident and you don’t think you have ever felt confident, your response has come from your ego. When you drive a car, you have to be confident – to say you’ve never been confident is a self-sabotaging statement. 

You always have confidence within yourself. 

To be confident, you need to connect with yourself and your heart. When you create coherence between your mind and heart you’ll realize how confident you can feel.


You can be closed-minded or open-minded. You can be skeptical or look at things and have a go at doing them. 

I’ve never been super skeptical but I have shut things down and then later, I’ve understood that that thing I shut down was actually my biggest area of growth. 

It’s important for your confidence for you to be open to new ideas because when you shut things down you don’t learn. You become very single-minded and have tunnel vision.

You need to be open up to different viewpoints and different ideas.

It’s a good idea to expand your reading and try books you’re not usually drawn to. The books you wouldn’t normally go for can hold gems of wisdom. That can be really valuable to you in business. 


When you’re dealing with people, one of the important things to do is to get curious and to ask questions. 

It’s important for you to negotiate certain things in different situations because otherwise, you become submissive and will beat yourself up emotionally. 

In order to negotiate, you need courage and you need the confidence to be courageous. When you build your confidence, you’re willing to negotiate and to dive into challenging conversations so that both of you win and have the outcomes you want.

It’s not about you winning, it’s about both parties feeling good about the outcome. In negotiations, you can feel you got ripped off or you got less than the other person.

When you consciously negotiate, you try yo understand what the person needs and why they need it.

That becomes important to you because you’re not just about yourself, you’re about togetherness.


Faith means different things to different people. To me, faith is about being behind something.

It’s about tapping into the spiritual connection you feel. 

When I’m feeling a little bit low reaching for that connection gives me faith and I feel I have a divine connection with source.

Having faith means I can move forward calmly because I know I’m on the right track. My faith, my life, and my business all feel aligned. 


Integrity with yourself is absolutely fundamental to confidence. It’s about hearing and honoring the voice within you when it’s the right thing to do instead of ignoring it and not taking action.

Having integrity is about holding a high standard for yourself. 

Many people have low integrity. When you don’t hold yourself to a high standard you can’t expect that from other people; the energy you convey is what you’ll receive back.  

You have to dial your own integrity in first – integrity with self is absolutely fundamental.

Integrity can be taught if it’s brought to your awareness. The standard you hold with yourself is important because how you do one thing is how you do many things. 


Discipline is absolutely critical to building confidence. 

When you’re undisciplined you let ourselves off the hook. Holding yourself to a higher standard, being consistent, and being accountable is how you break through to the next level of success. 

Your next level of success comes from the beliefs you have and the stories you tell yourself

Discipline means you’re going to have to work hard. If you want the next level of success and want to break through something understand that’s going to take a lot of self-discipline. 

You probably haven’t experienced the emotions you’ll release when you reach for your next level. 

The reason why a lot of people don’t break through financial barriers, reach the next level, self-sabotage, or don’t take the big leap, is consistency, it’s discipline and it’s not being aware of the thing that’s blocking you, which is most often in your subconscious.


I recognized some of the things I was doing in my life were not really what my heart wanted, but once I started to really connect with my heart space I started to make decisions from my heart. 

That means being consciously aware of your ego and how it can limit you. Be prepared to catch it and kill it off! 

When you can recognize and separate yourself from your ego, you can dissolve it. 

One of the best ways you can advance your self-awareness is to act on it in the moment. That takes courage. It also takes being brutally honest. You’re not being weak, you’re taking ownership.

It takes strength to be so aware of your ego that you can see what you’re doing to yourself or other people and then stop it. 


One thing that will lose you a lot of respect and have people walking all over you is not being clear about your non-negotiables and not standing by them. 

You need to know what your values are and stick to them – that’s key otherwise people will always expect more from you. 

Be honest with yourself and decide what’s important to you. 

When you feel clear about your non-negotiables you feel confident because you’re clear about how you’re moving forward and what your intentions are.  


Be clear in your communication. When you’re not confident you can’t be clear because part of you is scared.

Being calm and confident is about being able to be clear because you really know yourself. 

You feel an inner calm when you’re clear with yourself and other people and you can project your intentions clearly when you know what they are. 


It’s one thing to manifestation, but the truth is, if you don’t take action and you’re stuck because you’re living in fear, you’re not going to move forward. 

If you get an idea but you don’t take action you’re doing the opposite of building your confidence because you’re taking away from what your soul wants. When you ignore your intuition you knock your confidence.

You start to lose confidence when you get ideas and you don’t follow through. You see other people doing the things you wanted to and then you get frustrated. 

Execution is key and taking action becomes easy once you start to know and understand yourself energetically with emotional intelligence.

You will struggle with action when you don’t listen to your intuitive voice and you’re not aware of the voice from your ego that comes in and tries to shut things down.

If you walk past a homeless person and initially, you feel the intuition to give, that’s your gut reaction. Then your ego-mind kicks in to tell you they’ll waste it on drugs and alcohol. You have your intuition, and you have your ego that comes to sabotage.

It’s very important to have an awareness of that happening. 

One of the big things I teach is about how to become emotionally and energetically intelligent so that you can become a high performer so you can grow your business, grow your revenue and create the level of freedom that you want.

Go out and be the most confident version of yourself. If you’re in a place where you feel that you really don’t have a true level of confidence and it’s false, be willing to admit that, be willing to ask for help and reach out. When you’re living a lie you’re not allowing yourself to grow. 

Sometimes and it’s hard and you don’t want to hold up your hands and say you need help. Just know that’s your ego, it’s limiting you and it will always block you, Go out there and do what you need to do.

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