This Sales Pro Had A Damaged Relationship With Her Father. Until This Magic Happened…

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Here’s what Jaime Wilkinson had to say about her experience…

My biggest takeaway by far from working with Simon and doing his program has been re-establishing a new relationship with my dad.

To anybody that knows me that’s pretty much a miracle. 

At the beginning of the program, I’m quite sure I said I never wanted to see him or speak to him ever again, and I really didn’t care if we had a relationship or not. At the time I really meant it. 

We’ve had an extremely tumultuous relationship over the past 20 years. There’s been a lot of hurt, anger, sadness and resentment, and all those feelings that I really believe I repressed – especially the anger

I had a lot come up that I didn’t know how to deal with in a healthy way. Part of it I think it was really afraid too as well. In uncovering all of this I realized that I was not being true to myself, and I was lying to myself.

I was avoiding this whole aspect of the relationship with my dad and that I did very much want to connect with him – I was afraid to and I didn’t know how.

The support of the group and Simon was so amazing. It really helped me to be brave and reconnect with my dad. We’ve been regularly communicating via text and phone call for the last couple of months.

The level of depth and understanding in the conversations that we’ve been having is something neither of us has ever experienced with one another. I didn’t even think was possible because of the history that we’ve had. 

I really had to learn a lot of compassion, forgiveness, and understanding.

I think we put our parents on pedestals a lot of the time in having these expectations of who and what and how they’re supposed to be, and not understanding that they’re also humans, having a human, and life experience – I think that’s the hardest for me to come to terms with.

I’m excited about where our relationship is going. I’m really grateful for this program that helped me to see that, and it has helped me to navigate through that and learning about my dad’s life in a way that I never thought I would.

Hearing about his childhood and things that he’s gone through that I had no idea that’s helping me to understand a little bit better why he is the way that he is. I’m really grateful and I’m really excited.

To anyone who may have a relationship like this, that you thought was beyond repair or that you didn’t want to face, I definitely recommend doing this sort of work to help uncover what might be possible for you.

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