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When I was at 10,000 feet in the air I thought I was going to die, but I never knew the positive impact that moment was going to have on my future finances.

The decision I made to jump out of a plane wasn’t because I wanted to but because I really didn’t want to. Falling out of that plane made an impact on me personally and shifted my growth in terms of making money. 

It was an internal shift so big it sent me off like a SpaceX rocket ship. No-one could stop me. 

As I went up the first time I remember being sat on the edge of the plane. I was at 10,000 feet and as the door opened I felt my heart pounding.

When it was my turn to jump out I felt pure panic. Then I fell.

I safely landed, and with my feet firmly on the ground again I felt pumped full of adrenaline and excitement.

Why Do It?

My biggest fear was of heights and the thought of jumping out of a plane terrified me. I had to skydive because I knew if I could break through my fear of heights and ultimately make myself leap out of a plane at 10,000 feet, I could overcome anything. 

I call it my seven-figure jump. 

I wanted to make my first million dollars so I knew breaking through my biggest fear would shatter any other fears I had in my life. 

When you do something you’re scared of and you breakthrough that fear a huge change happens to you internally. It might not necessarily be jumping out of a plane, but whatever you need to breakthrough will ultimately change your life.

You become fearless and unstoppable. 

When I looked back on my skydive I recognized the amount of overthinking I did – I was scared of everything that could go wrong.

I had mental associations with stories I’d heard on the news or from films I’d watched – I thought my parachute wouldn’t open, I’d have a heart attack on the way down and I was going to fall to the ground and I’d be a horrible dead splat on the ground.

Mental Associations Matter

After my successful first jump, I went up again six times, and what I noticed after each fall was that the chattering in my mind started to decrease. The second time I went up, it wasn’t as bad as the first, and the third time I went up, it wasn’t as bad as the second. The fourth time that I went up I noticed I went into a place within me of pure inner peace.

My mental associations changed dramatically from my first jump – they altered from terror to triumph and peace.

The mental associations you have are the key to your confidence. Think about what you want your next level to be? It could be financial growth or putting yourself out into the world to create more impact.

Some things need to happen in order for you to move forward. A shift needs to take place within you so you drop your fears, you have more confidence, or you let go of the thing that’s holding you back.

If you do nothing you’ll stay stuck where you are. 

For you to break through to your next level, you need to think about the things you don’t have the confidence to do. What are some things that you struggle with? It might be putting out social media videos, hiding behind your brand, or hiring staff. 

Stop The Stories

A reason why you don’t take leaps is because you think something that happened before, will happen again, or the thing you’re thinking isn’t a reality.

You create stories that aren’t true – you feel the pain you associate with them and your feelings hold you back. 

Jumping into a negative future causes anxiety and shuts you down. When your body shuts down, you don’t take action, and you don’t take the leaps you want or need to in your business.

When it comes to money, finances, and your wealth, part of you desires to make a jump but you get stuck and can’t move forward. 

Moving my business (and my clients) forward, comes from confidence, but to have true confidence you need to become emotionally intelligent.

In order to become confident and to have high performance, you need to become intelligent around the reasons why you’re not doing something or the reasons why you’re feeling anxious. You need to know why you’re living in fear or depression. 

What’s Your Leap?

What do you need to say yes to instead of continuing to say no? Your subconscious mind and fears will continue to hold you back unless you recognize the untrue stories you create for yourself.

You subconsciously self-sabotage when you have a desire to take action but you ask for the approval of other people.

Listening to negative opinions stops you before you can get started, and without even realizing it you stop yourself and your business from growing.

You know in your heart what you want to achieve and what you desire. Think about what you need to breakthrough. 

Your next level of leadership, business, and financial freedom will come from the difficult leaps you make by overcoming resistance.

Imagine you’re 10,000 feet up in the air ready to jump from a plane. Think about stepping out of the plane, free falling, and landing firmly on the ground. You feel full of pride and excitement having safely landed. You took the leap – think about how good that makes you feel!

Jumping out of the plane and confronting my biggest fears played a massive role in me generating my first million dollars.

Your income will grow when your self-esteem and your self-confidence increases. My finances grew from 80,000 to 100,000 a month when I removed my fears of what other people thought about me. I shifted my energy and without overthinking I took action. 

What are you going to breakthrough? When you get to the other side with your feet firmly planted on the ground you’re going to feel it wasn’t so bad.

Maybe it’s going to be your seven-figure jump or you’ll take the leap to springboard your business to where you know it can be.

Check out these testimonials of entrepreneurs and CEO’s who took the jump and achieved personal and professional growth – if you want to take a jump in your business head to Simon lovell.com and if you’re a CEO / entrepreneur and you want to develop strong emotional intelligence you can apply for my 6 week 1-1 intensive course here.

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