Social Media Detox Meditation For Leaders (13mins)

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Social media can be very addictive and for many people and it can be a real challenge to disconnect. 

When you slow down and connect with yourself through your heart, you have the opportunity to tune in to yourself instead of using social media to fill a void in your life.   

You can disconnect from your attachment to social media to give yourself freedom from the constant pull to keep checking in on other people’s lives and to stop comparing yourself to others. 

If you have the desire to feel free of the attachment to mindless scrolling, you can ground yourself and bring yourself to the present moment. You have the space to feel grateful for who you really are instead of comparing yourself to the false perception of what you’re drawn to.

It can be very powerful to feel what it’s like to be so connected to yourself that nothing else matters. 

Think about your attachment to social media. Consider if you are searching for a feeling outside of yourself for validation? Maybe you are drawn to the false perception of yourself and others, or is your desire to scroll a subconscious reminder to check in with yourself? 

When you control it, instead of it being in control of you, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and who you really are – you lose your attachment and notice how your true, authentic reality connects you with your soul. 

See how long you can disconnect from social media.

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Simon Lovell

Featured on Forbes.com and Entrepreneur, Simon Lovell coaches and mentors top CEOS, entrepreneurs, and leaders on emotional intelligence, fulfillment, and happiness so they can reach the next level of impact. He is author of The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have A Secret & the host of Unshakeable Leaders Podcast.

His loving but NO BS approach and super strong accountability in his signature 6-week program The Super High-Performance Formula has been called 'profound' and 'life-changing'.

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