This Is Why Your Environment Is Critical To Your Success

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When you’re an entrepreneur or leader in business you need to be aware of the environment you’re keeping yourself in because it’s going to make a huge impact on your levels of success.

There was a low point in my life when I was living on autopilot in an environment that wasn’t supporting me. I was doing things I knew weren’t helping with my success. When an opportunity came to move, I packed up my things and got out of the area I was living in.

I needed a clean break.

Before I moved I was drinking, taking drugs, and smoking. As soon as I moved I noticed my life started to get easier because I didn’t feel pulled to those negative behaviors.

The distance I’d created between myself and my unhealthy environments meant I felt free. I gave myself space to let go of what I knew wasn’t good for me to do better things with my life. 

There are different environments you have in your life that have an impact on you. You can clean up your life by decluttering and once you start to have a cleanup it frees up energy for you to experience new things, people, places, and opportunities. 

Don’t Fear Change

It’s common to want to make a change, but many people struggle with that because they feel they’re going to upset or lose people. Ultimately if people love you they’ll understand and want you to be happy. 

If you stay out of alignment and you know your living situation, job or relationship is wrong and it feels off, that’s your signal to make a move.

Before you can do that you need to address your fears and the stories in your head stopping you from taking action.

When I moved I created space to feel like myself again, and clear out some of the clutter. Reducing the number of things I was doing that were destructive gave me the time and space to be able to collect myself and to start to look at different opportunities. 

When you start to make difficult but powerful decisions in your life, you realize how important they are and see the opportunities you could have missed. 

Who’s In Your Life?

When you’re living or working in an environment and other people don’t align with your values, it can be very problematic.

Differences in values can mean you don’t see eye to eye with people. It’s not that you shouldn’t be around people with different values, but when you find yourself feeling shut down because of that, at some point you have to be able to make a change.

If you’re around people and you don’t feel good, their values are probably different. My Super High Performance Formula, helps you understand values and how they affect attitude. Once you start to get clear about your values and beliefs everything starts to change, because you start to know yourself and have a list of non-negotiables. 

I want to be around people I can disagree with, and have healthy discussions with because I want to learn. My friends should be people l feel good around, who lovingly challenge me to support me in my growth, and see the best in me. I want friends that can listen and that also I can listen to, and I can sit down and deep discussions with.

It’s important to reevaluate. When you start on your personal development journey, the hard truth of it is that as you start to grow and align, there’s going to be situations when people get to raise their standards to meet your new standards or they will fall away.

It doesn’t mean that they’re going to fall away forever, but you become less attached. You shouldn’t keep your standard low because of other people.

You become like the people you spend most of your time with – think about how your friends make you feel. When you’re around certain people, do you feel good with them, and are they kind to you, or are they a constant drain?

When you keep yourself surrounded by people who drain or attack you, it’s like putting yourself in a lion’s cage. It’s stupid. You continue to be attacked and the more that happens, you lose your confidence and you feel disconnected from yourself. You don’t understand who you are because of the environment you’re in.

You get used to feeling that way. It doesn’t feel right but it becomes normal to you. 

No Pain No Gain

As you start you go through your spiritual journey and you start to evolve, you make bigger decisions. You break away from things that don’t feel right , and move towards things that excite you.

You make the change, distance yourself, and put yourself in a different environment. The energetic bond that tied you reduces, and eventually your emotional ties start to dissolve.  

Nothing will dissolve unless you make that initial difficult decision.

When you have an energetic bond with something it takes a lot of courage to breakthrough. Especially if you go through a breakup it can be hard, emotional, and stressful for some time. 

If you have knots in your back that need to be massaged out, you need to make the decision and go to the massage therapist so they can knead them out. Afterward, you feel lighter because you’re not in discomfort. It’s the same with big decisions – you’ve got to decide to make the move.

You have to surrender to the pain that comes until you feel better. 

You can procrastinate when you’re in the wrong environment, around the wrong people, or in the wrong relationships. Spending too much time thinking about the decision to change your situation because you think it’s going to get better is often time wasted.

Your Living Environment Matters

The area you live in is important. If you feel isolated and you want to be surrounded by like-minded people, you need to create that environment for yourself.

Historically I’ve made big moves. I made an initial move from Exeter to Bath, then a monumental move from the UK to America. I felt like I needed to make a big leap.

You’ve also got to like the home you’re living in and working in. I’ve moved many times during my five years in America. I’ve lived in La Jolla and Carmel Valley, I moved to Florida for a year and then I moved back to San Diego. I’m currently in Del Mar.

It’s taken a few moves, I’ve lived at a ranch and in tiny apartments, with other people and alone. The energy in my current living space and location feels right for me. I feel happy.

Know you can quickly make changes. If you don’t like what you see or where you are, everything will stay the same until you make the decision to change or remove it.

Your Environment Impacts Your Business

If you don’t feel good in your environment, it lowers your energy. It lowers your vibration, and in that lower vibration your thoughts won’t be as good.

You won’t be as productive or as focused. You’re not going to take opportunities and your sales calls or marketing won’t be on point because you don’t feel good where you’re are.

Take a look at what you like and what you can change. You may feel happier when you change location, if you co-work, or when you work at different times.

You have to have a clear out. You can’t grow if you’re wading in clutter.

When you’ve got things around you that don’t make you feel good you have to notice how it affects your energy. Clutter for a lot of people is environmental. You’ve got to start to notice the things that niggle you.

Mental Environment

Your home and place of work affect your headspace. If you’ve already got mental, psychological, or thought challenges, and you’re in an environment that doesn’t support you, you’re increasing your stress levels.

When you add one on top of another life becomes very difficult and that will hinder your success because you’re mentally drained – once you start to free that up by changing your environment you start to feel lighter.

In that lightness, ease, and peace of mind, things can start to evolve and opportunities start to come your way because you feel different about yourself.


Your relationships either drain you or lift you. Does someone bring out the best in you, or do they bring out the worst in you? How do feel when you’re with the person you’re intimate with? Do they light you up or are they dragging you down?

You need to have a reality check and realize when you deserve more. 

You can’t create, build a business, and be an unshakeable leader when you’re constantly drained. That means you need to take personal responsibility and hold your boundaries. 

The key is having awareness and listening to yourself. 

When I’m coaching CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and consultants, the one thing everyone does is create a story about why they can’t take action today.

You can decide to change anything today but your mind wants to put everything off instead of taking action, and that halts your success. Your ego will always try and find a way out. It will want to put things off.  

The speed of your success will radically shift when you take accountability for the things you want to change and you take action quickly.

I’ve been able to get really quick results with people because I listen to their story, I hear their excuse, I call it out, and I shorten the gap to taking action.

Think about everything in your environment, how it makes you feel, and what you need to change. 

If there’s something you feel excited by, that’s your signal to move and take action. Start to get hyper-focused and make decisions on how to move forward.

The trap a lot of people get into is saying what they want, but they don’t move forward towards it.

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