Why Won’t You Stand Up For Yourself?

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Everyone should have the confidence to stand up for and be themselves. 

When you’re a leader or an entrepreneur, speaking up and standing up for yourself is especially important.

Being in alignment with your business or product and being able to speak up for your beliefs means you can express who you truly are and attract the right people to your services. 

When you don’t allow yourself to speak your truth or be who you are and you let people walk all over you, you’re doing yourself an injustice.

If you feel something but you don’t say it, you’re not in alignment.

Agreeing to do things you don’t want to will cause you to feel frustrated – living your life based upon what other people want isn’t right and when you’re in business, not being able to speak your truth and avoiding problems is detrimental to your personal and professional growth.

Not standing up for yourself, especially in business is counterproductive and you can’t hope other people will recognize your needs.

People-pleasing or keeping quiet is draining mentally and physically because you’re always working against what your mind and body needs to express. 

Access Your Power

A lot of people struggle with verbalizing who they are. It’s worth thinking about why you don’t feel you can speak up.  

If you’re always the agreeable person you may have experienced situations in the past when you’ve been too afraid to be who you are or say what you’ve felt.

A situation could have been so intense that at that moment you were shut down and you weren’t allowed to speak up. (A child who is shut down will find it especially hard to express themselves as an adult.)

I love to dig deep, to get to those events, and deal with them so that you can access your authentic power, find the strength within you, and express yourself.

Trapped emotions and feelings are extremely detrimental to your health. When you’re not in alignment your body feels it. You feel trapped, you lock up and take on a submissive posture.

That’s not the posture of a leader.

Be Courageous

If you’re in a boardroom with lots of people and something doesn’t resonate with you, but you feel under pressure and you continue to stay quiet, you’re doing yourself an injustice by not expressing what you feel. 

When you find the courage to speak up, your passion and enthusiasm can send shockwaves through other people to wake them up to something they haven’t seen.

Even if other people don’t agree with you, they see you have the courage to speak your mind.

When you continue to ignore, suppress, not speak up or stand up for yourself, as time goes on you can get extremely frustrated.

That frustration will cause you to snap. Your relationships in and outside of your business will suffer and it will affect all sorts of things in and outside your business. 

You don’t want to be in situations where ideas get shut within you or you do something that’s not in alignment with who you are or what your business represents. 

Find Your Fire

Standing up doesn’t mean you have to shout or be angry. You can find your fire, speak with presence, and keep the conversation playful. You don’t need to turn the conversation sour or make other people wrong.

If you struggle start by expressing to yourself how you feel. Look in the mirror and with confidence practice phrases you feel comfortable saying. Say them again and again, each time with more power and confidence. 

The next time you feel something come up, you’ll notice how you feel better equipped to express yourself calmly and confidently. 

Look people in the eye and break your old patterns with presence and confidence. How you say it and where it comes from within you is important. 

When you feel something your body needs to release it – you need to speak it to let it out. 

If you continue to suppress your true feelings, and not speak your truth, you’ll spend your life dishonoring yourself. 

You have to recognize the only person who can change the situation is you – the next time you’re in a situation and something comes up for you, start aligning your views between what you feel and what you say. 

When you decide you want to show people who you are, you’ll feel happy that you’ve expressed yourself, and you’ll show people you have the confidence to speak your truth. Everyone will respect you for that.

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