$220,000 Cheaper Than My Old Ferrari & More Fun

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I recently decided to bring more fun and joy into my life. A few weeks ago a Can-Am Spyder was parked outside my apartment block and ever since I’ve been intrigued by it. 

It reminded me how much I’ve loved riding scooters in the past and how much I love driving out on the open road.

Notice Your Ego

I used to dream of having a Ferrari. I even had a picture of one on my vision board in 2013. As soon as I moved to California I achieved my ambition and bought my black Ferrari California.

It was a really nice car to drive, but my underlying reason for wanting it was because my ego needed it. I wanted people to know I was financially well off so I would park it strategically, where people would see it. 

As I went through my personal and spiritual journey, my ego began to dissolve. I started to find love for myself and I realized I didn’t need expensive things to validate myself. 

Letting go of the Ferrari was a huge turning point in my life. 

I learned the most important things were those that made me feel good, not look good.

When I saw the Ryker it represented something entirely different to me. I noticed how differently I felt when I saw it – it looked like fun! I felt that in my body and it excited me. 

What Excites You?

Investing in a Ryker has sparked excitement in me. It’s so much fun to ride. I take short trips on it and it allows me to get away from my computer and get out into the fresh air. 

When you feel good you’re in a better position to generate more revenue and perform better in your business.

Doing things you enjoy and having fun makes you feel more positive which leads to you having more confidence; because of that, you start to take different actions in your life and business.

My philosophy when it comes to taking leaps is to act on my impulse. If something feels right I move forward with it. If it doesn’t work out I change it.  

I realize the importance of getting away from the computer, especially if I’m feeling stressed I can now take time for myself to have some fun. I put my helmet on, take the bike out and come back feeling refreshed. 

I’m strategically doing everything I can to bring fun into my life and I feel this is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.

Think about the underlying energy and intention you have behind the things you want. 

You probably have something you want that you can pull the trigger faster than you expect. If money is stopping you, set an intention and decide to do it by a certain date – use your energy to drive you to get there. 

A new investment in yourself could be exactly what your soul needs.

After you take your trip of a lifetime or you make your purchase it may open up a new community of people to you.

Take a ride of your life whatever that is and get the fun things you desire. You deserve them! 

I would love to know what your fun thing is going to be. Message me at SimonLovell.com

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