My Mission To Save 100 Children From Sex Trafficking

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When you’re a leader it’s important to be aligned with the things you feel deeply about. 

I recently went on a protest in San Diego in support of Operation Underground Railroad – a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing children from sex trafficking. 

I don’t have children but the thought of child trafficking and pedophilia scares me.

Supporting and raising awareness for Operation Underground Railroad is important to me because I’ve experienced trauma in my life and it had such an impact on my self-esteem and self-love. 

I’ve worked with and been in relationships with people who have experienced sexual abuse. Trauma leads to people having addictions, self-harming, and leading desperately unhappy lives. 

You Can’t Ignore The Truth

There’s a commonality that runs through child sex traffickers – when pedophiles are arrested and interviewed, they talk of their desire for sex with children because they don’t get enough of a hit from pornography, so they look to youngsters. They start by being aroused by barely legal teenagers then move to younger teens, then children. In some cases the children are infants.

I would highly recommend you watching this documentary from Operation Underground Railroad

Child sex trafficking is sick and disturbing – some pedophile rings harvest children’s organs for sale.

2 million children have been trafficked through the sex trade, but we can fight it by working with oranizations who are working with governments all over the world to stop it.

Operation Underground Railroad has saved over 4,000 children, but there are still millions of children who still need to be saved.

Right now there are children living the most awful lives, their sole purpose being to sexually please adults.

These children are spending their childhoods being abused. They have their childhoods snatched away from them and they lose their right to be innocent, playful, and free.

It has to stop because all children deserve to live free and happy lives.

What Is Freedom To You?

One thing you desire as an entrepreneur is freedom. A layer of freedom is being able to live your life being free to do what you want when you want, but when you’re aware of the level of freedom taken away from these children, who are groomed and forced to stimulate the sexual desire of an adult, it makes you think about how important freedom is.

It’s hard to uncover such an awful truth that’s going on all over the world. Who can even imagine being a young child, having that amount of freedom taken away from you, and being treated in this most horrific, exploited way? 

If you have children you need to be aware of what can happen. Children are stolen in seconds by the pedophile rings. It’s so important to know what to look out for and how you can protect your children from this awful trade.

These children need their freedom.

They need to be rescued, they need support and they need funding so when they’re rescued aftercare is accessible to them.

There Is Hope

The great news is that you can help to take down the organized pedophile rings, but it can only be achieved through awareness, looking into who is supporting it, and with as much funding as possible. 

A lot is going on in the mainstream news right now, but there are also so many other arrests of people in the public eye who are linked to organized pedophile rings that need to be taken down.

I cannot turn a blind eye.

I need to be able to do something to help – I give money to operation Underground Railroad and I recently registered to volunteer for them because I have the skill set to be able to help with the emotional aftercare for the children.

Operation Underground Railroad heavily aligns with me. If you have lost the drive to move your business forward maybe it’s because you need to align to a cause you believe in. 

When you align yourself and your business to something meaningful to you it can generate drive and focus within you.

There may be a cause close to your heart that aligns with who you are. Maybe you’ve been in pain, or someone close to you has gone through something that makes you want to help a cause.

The plight of these children makes me want to work even harder in my business, so I can generate more revenue and I can give more money to Operation Underground Railroad. 

My Mission

It costs $1500 to take a child out of a sex trafficking ring and save them. 

My goal is to generate $100,000

Over the next 12 months I want to raise additional funds for the operation and free as many children as possible from such terrible experiences.

If you would like to donate to my campaign via Unshakable Leaders please head to simonlovell.com/our

I urge you to explore this topic and look at the work Operation Underground Railroad does, because it’s important to bring more awareness to the terrible acts devastating the lives of amazing young children.

Children need freedom and a new lease of life.

My hope is that another child will be saved today so they can be free to lead playful, happy lives again.

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Simon Lovell

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