7 Ways To Increase Your Vibration In Leadership Today

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Think about the moments when you feel alive and on fire. 

During those moments your vibrational frequency was at its highest. You were aligned with something you loved, the people you were surrounded with, and you were thinking positive thoughts. 

Vibration is your state of being and the energy you radiate.

You need to recognize your state of being because your vibration is critical when it comes to your leadership. If you can become energetically and emotionally intelligent to raise your vibration, you can make changes to your lifestyle to help to optimize your life and business.

Your level of leadership will benefit because your positive vibrations will have an impact on your team and the people you come into connection with.

You want to be in an energetic vibrational space where you’re drawing people closer to you, not pushing them away. To do that you need to plant positivity into your mind and take actions to raise your frequency.

There are lots of choices you can make to improve your vibration.


Making small tweaks with your nutritional choices will help increase your levels of energy and vibration. 

Be conscious about the choices you make – even if you already eat healthily there are ways you can improve your choices to boost your vibration.

Every food and nutrient you consume has an impact on how you feel. 

Eating unhealthy food will make your energy levels and mood slump as your body focuses on processing any unnatural foods and chemicals you’ve consumed. That slump will have an affect on the energy you radiate.

Print out that list of high vibration foods and make the best choices when you go shopping or you eat out and notice how you feel after you’ve eaten. 


The intention of meditation is to increase your vibration and energy. 

Listening to different meditations will have an impact on your energy and vibration and how they make you feel will depend on the state you’re in when you enter the meditation – some meditations hit you at the right time when you’re in the perfect headspace.

The depth of your meditation and the length of time you are meditating for, will increase, not just your vibration, but how you move through the different planes of vibration and energy.

To reach that you need to be consistent and have discipline, you have to be consistent and practice. Meditating for two minutes is very different from sitting with yourself for a longer period of time. 

The longer you can simply be with yourself, the more you allow your ego to drop away to free more space and energy to raise your vibration.

If there is a particular meditation you notice shifts your energy and increases your vibration go back to it and do it again. 


When I feel in low vibration I make the conscious effort to learn; whether that’s reading, watching a documentary on Netflix (a great one called Heal), or listening to a spiritual teacher like Wayne Dyer on Audible. 

Learning should feel light to you so choose things you feel aligned with. 

Choose topics that lift and inspire you instead of anything draining or heavy and be aware of the way you learn best; sometimes a book is better listened to than read.


You know that exercise makes you healthier, but when you look at exercise through the lens of vibration it can give you a different type of motivation

I exercise because I want to keep my body in shape but now I do it with a different intention. I want to be healthy and I want to interact with people in the gym, but exercise also improves my frequency

When you think about it exercise and being healthy it may put you into a low vibration, but try linking your exercise to the impact it will have on you to raise your endorphins and be in your best emotional state.

Your new energy will transfer to and have an impact on your business and your mission with leadership.


Become conscious about the people you spend time with and where they are in their stage of evolution.

Certain people make you feel different.

Some people will listen to you and ask what your needs are and others may overstep your boundaries. When you feel a good level of connection you’ll notice who positively shifts your energy and vibration.

Start to become conscious around the people that pull you down that drain you and those that fuel you that lift you up and make you feel good

Who are the people that you’re choosing to learn from? What vibrational frequency are they in? Do you notice they put you in a certain vibrational state? If they make you feel good, learn more from them. 

Giving Back

Giving back is the best thing you can do to bring your vibration up. 

When I’ve been in pain and a place of distress I have found that taking the time to focus on helping people has quickly pulled me out of low energy.

Giving back can mean buying a stranger a coffee, helping someone, or finding a charity you’re aligned with to help them either financially or physically. 

Focusing on someone else who’s in more despair than you has a massive transformational impact on your sense of self.  

When you give back, you’re doing something for someone else and that’s a fantastic act of caring, love, and support. Aiding a cause or someone else can be amazing for your internal energy system.

Your Energy Matters

As you become more emotionally intelligent, you start to notice how your vibration rises or falls.

When you’re doing something you love, your vibration improves. Notice what resonates with you and act upon those things because they will raise your vibration and make you feel good.

Raising your emotional and intellectual intelligence means you become increasingly aware of what you’re surrounding yourself with, you’ll want to keep raising your vibrational energy, and you begin to lift others.

Your vibration energy is critical and it shifts your state of being.

When you’re in high vibration and lead from a high level of energy you become the catalyst of change for other people – you don’t know the level of impact your state of being can have on another human. 

Once you commit to being the best version of yourself then, and only then, can you create true change.

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