The Aftermath Of Ayahuasca On A Toxic Leader

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Aftermath Of Ayahuasca On A Toxic Leader

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I wasn’t the best version of myself when I was taking drugs, smoking, and drinking, but when I started my journey with self-development I committed to being the best version of myself.

Now I do whatever it takes – I make investments for myself, to work with people I align with, to do the best for myself and my business. When I feel something I align with I don’t hesitate; I invest in it, book it, get on a plane, or go to the event that I feel called to attend.

I don’t have much skepticism, I’m open to change and surrendering to what I’m called to do – taking fast action makes me a better leader in my business and lead me to experience plant medicine and ayahuasca ceremonies.

Feeling Safe

When I went on my first trip to Peru I went with the intention of killing the heaviness I was carrying within me.

I’d previously taken ecstasy, cocaine, and party drugs so I needed to feel safe taking plant medicines; I was on the path of recovery and I wanted to clean myself up.

I arrived at a location before the event and met with a dozen people. We were warned that on the previous trip they had been held at gunpoint along the river; I immediately wondered if I should turn around and head home, but I’d already traveled a long way and I wanted to see the trip through.

There was a lot of anticipation for what lay ahead.

During the evenings, the shaman lead the ceremony – everyone sat in a circle and each person was called to kneel and take the thick tea-like drink – it tasted horrible.

Raising Consciousness

We would experience each other releasing toxicity; the ceremony highlights parts of your life you want to ignore – the things you’ve done and things you’ve pushed away – helping you to see the changes you need to make. I saw a lot of things and I purged a lot.

The subconscious becomes conscious so you can choose to transform and make changes to your life.

You can expect to notice differences in yourself straight away when you’re on the journey of transformation and you go through intense, transformational experiences with coaching, attending events, or taking medicines.

Often, it isn’t until you get back into your normal life when changes about yourself hit you.

Losing My Addictions

When you’ve evolved because you’ve spiritually woken up, parts of you fall away. When I came back from Peru, I noticed I was able to go out and drink alcohol without the need to binge.

I don’t drink at all anymore, but at the time I was someone who needed to party; my first ayahuasca ceremony helped me to remove 80% of my addictions.

It raised my consciousness level and brought things to my awareness. I felt like a different person.

Addictions cause you to show up in your business and around people in a very toxic way and actions that aren’t aligned with who you are, make you unhappy with the person you became in those moments.

You beat yourself up for your mistakes.

I didn’t want that life. I didn’t want to hurt people and I didn’t want a life where I was continuously knocking myself down – I was feeling bad, and that was having a negative impact on my business and the people around me.

Be Honest With Yourself

It’s not easy to admit you’re an erratic, toxic person, but when you’re able to face that you can start to get help. You get called to the path of personal development; you hire a coach, you begin to meditate and become open to discovering holistic, natural remedies that are already in the environment to help heal you.

Feel your desire to change, take actions to move forward and find a person or organization you align with. You’re going to feel resistance, but you need to push through that resistance in order for you to change.

Be prepared for your life to change. Understand that your life could go in a completely different direction; you might not want to run your business or be in your relationship.

Things that were once aligned may go out of alignment so you have to be prepared that the things that you once thought were normal will become abnormal.

It’s an upgrade. It’s not a bad thing.

Time To Surrender

When you commit to grow you need to surrender – if you go into a plant ceremony or coaching program, you will wake up to the fact that you have no control whatsoever.

If you want to change, you have to allow yourself to surrender to the process – that’s a hard lesson for many people.

My path of transformation and change is to be a better man. My goal is to shortcut the process of success for people. I stripped away things I knew didn’t work to create something potent and that gets to the root of things quickly.

Are you willing to surrender, so that you can enter a new stage of your life? Can you awaken to the knowledge that you’re tapped into a bigger source of information that can guide you, instead of where your ego has been driving you?

Your transformation tipping point is a very important moment – sometimes things land at the right time and the right moment, you just have to be aware and notice.

I care about you and your evolution because I want you to be happy. I want you to be fulfilled. I want you to live a life of joy and inner peace. It’s not that you’re going to live a perfect life, but as you grow, you will be able to live more peacefully.

You can be happier, you can be more fulfilled and you deserve the best life.

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