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When you’re an entrepreneur or a leader in business, and you’re committed to being the best version of yourself to grow and scale your company, it’s important you change any negative thinking patterns you have.

Use this interruption technique to reprogram your mind. It’s simple – you can use it today and it has the potential to help you make some big changes to your life and business.  

Why I Used This Technique

I used to have trouble connecting with other people – I wanted to connect with and meet more people because I wanted to build deeper friendships, but I would create excuses for myself.

My self- sabotage was in the form of making two excuses – I would say I was too tired and too busy

As my self-awareness grew I started to notice the pattern I was repeating; I would be invited to meet new people who I wanted to connect with, but by making excuses I was self-sabotaging and I was keeping myself disconnected.

Get Honest And Ask For Help

Once I noticed my pattern I decided to change it. That meant I had to be vulnerable, and have a conscious conversation with someone I trusted so I could share my self-sabotaging habits. 

You may need to get over mental hurdles to open up and speak openly with someone you trust. I chose to speak to my housemate. 

The person you confide in needs to know why you’re asking for help and why it’s important to you.

They need to know your motivation – they also need to be someone you know will be around to intercept you!

I had a conversation about my patterns, why I was doing them, and why I wanted to change them. Explain why your patterns are not serving you, how you’re self-sabotaging, and what your outcome is.

What’s Your Outcome?

My outcome was to get out of my comfort zone, be around lots of new people, and to build new connections and friendships.    

You’re asking the person you trust to interrupt you, to raise your awareness and create space for you to make a different decision. During the times when you have these habits, patterns take over and at the time you don’t always have the awareness to stop them.

You get caught up in the moment and let your desires take over.

Afterward, you feel regret – you look back, and emotionally beat yourself up, wishing you’d taken a different decision.  

Giving someone you trust permission to interrupt you stops you unconsciously self-sabotaging. They create the space for you to pause, enabling you to consciously decide the action you want to take

You need to give the person you’ve confided in permission to break your pattern, but how they interrupt you is very important because it could act as a negative trigger. Be specific about the language you want to be used. 

When you’re interrupted, it’s also good to be reminded of the benefits you will gain or of the consequences. Ask to be reminded of the potential outcome so you can pause (ideally for a minute) and consciously make your choice. 

When you’re repeatedly interrupted, you become more conscious and you’re able to catch yourself. You take control of yourself and you’re able to make informed choices.

The turning point happens when you create your new behavior and establish a new positive habit so you’re able to make the right decisions for yourself and your business on your own.

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