3 Real Examples Of When I Got Stuck & Back To Success

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Like everyone else, I’ve experienced times in my life when I’ve had no idea how I was going to make it out the other side; I didn’t see a way through or have clarity around the situation I was in. 

I was stuck in a deep funk, but by taking actionable steps I created momentum again in my life and for the business I’d created

If you’re in a funk I want you to be happy and fulfilled. I want to catapult you, to help you get back to where you need to be for your business, for your team, for your personal life, and your relationships.  

Your Persistence Is Key

When I was a personal trainer in 2005 I came up with an idea for my book called The Lunchbox diet. It had already come out as an E-book and had been on the cover of magazines in the UK and the United States. 

Penguin Books were very interested in The Lunchbox Diet and contacted me about having a book deal with them. As a recently qualified personal trainer, I was excited by the opportunity.

Penguin Books had created a vision for me – I was in conversations with the publisher, but after a few months of talks, things started to quieten down. They changed their minds and decided they didn’t want to publish my book. 

l felt sad. It hit me hard because the prospect of my book being published and the excitement of seeing my book on bookstore shelves sparked something within me.

I had a choice to give up or to pursue. I knew I wasn’t going to give up because I was determined to get a book deal.

The frustration I had with the publisher drove me to pick up the phone – I’d already received media coverage for my ebook in publications; instead of phoning up publishers and asking for a book deal, I leveraged what I already had in terms of publicity to get conversations going.

At my first meeting with a publisher, I received an offer of £15,000. 

With the confidence of getting that offer I knew I could get an offer from another company, and I got an offer of £25,000. Then I went to another and I got an offer of £50,000. At that point, I went to an agent and they took me on as their client. 

The agent created a publishing battle between different companies and I received a £120,000 book deal with Harper Collins in the UK. 

That process taught me the lesson of not giving up at the point when someone says no. I had to be courageous and ballsy. 

My first book called The Lunchbox Diet was published in 2009.

Don’t give up, pick up the phone, and use the energy of frustration when someone says no. Persistence is key and it’s the thing that got me to where I am today. 

Turn Your Dream Into A Statement

When I was living in the UK I wasn’t feeling happy with my life. I decided I needed to get away, so I booked a hotel just an hour and a half from where I lived to have a change of scenery and think about what I wanted to do with my life. 

When I arrived at the hotel I sat in the reception area with a notebook and pen, writing down what I wanted, and why I wasn’t happy. The dream I had of moving to the States kept coming to me, so I wrote down why I’d not already moved there.

I’d been telling myself I wouldn’t get a visa and I wouldn’t be able to drive on the other side of the road. The stories I’d created were blocking me from making power moves to progress forward and be happy. 

What story is stopping you? What is your brick wall? 

I looked at my dream and turned it into a decision.

I made the simple switch from dreaming to deciding to make it happen. I felt what it would be like to live in the States and wrote down the action steps I needed to take to make my dream a reality. 

If you’ve always had a dream In your mind, you won’t make the first action unless it’s a decision. Think about what you need to write down, feel the power of it, and feel the level of certainty that you have when you write it as if it is happening. Then take the action to create your new reality. 

Turn your dream into a statement. You have to feel it and commit to it.

Raise The Bar In Your Industry

I went through a huge spiritual awakening in 2018. I felt I came home to myself and I let go of everything, including my ego, and I started to think about life very differently. 

After my awakening, I came to the decision to let go of my company because it no longer aligned with me – I’d been running it for years, it was fun, but a big part of me knew I needed to move on from it. I couldn’t carry on doing something I wasn’t passionate about because it was draining my energy. 

After my awakening, I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on but I knew my fulfillment always came from creating signature programs that aligned with where I was in my life. 

When I started to think about my zone of genius and what I was best at I realized it was healing and mindset. I’ve invested over $250,000 in my personal growth, and I wanted to share my knowledge and the best information that changed the game for me and my healing.

When you invest a lot in yourself there can be a lot of fluff to wade through but there’s also a lot of potent knowledge – there’s information that moves the needle when it comes to performance, belief systems, and transformation. 

I knew what worked to make me a better man and a better leader. 

I knew I had to build an amazing program – that’s when I designed the Super High Performance Formula. 

It’s always been important to me that people take action in my programs. I want the people who invest in me to get the very best results so I implemented a level of accountability within the program – a locking system, so people are thrown out if they don’t take action. 

When the first group went through the program, the locking system was an important element because it changed people’s behavior.

I realized I made the right decision! The four part locking system (including a super lock) has become the signature element of the Super High Performance Formula and it’s getting amazing results.

Trusting your intuition is important; my intuition kept on saying it was what this industry needed. I didn’t want to just feed information for things that have worked for me because it didn’t mean people would do it. 

Results are important to me.

It requires a time commitment, effort and energy. You also need courage to complete the Super High Performance Formula.

I’ve always focused on getting the best results I can. Refining results has given me new levels of confidence because of all the positive reviews I’ve received. 

The turning point for me with my journey creating the Super High Performance Formula was about thinking about what I have done in my life, the skills I’ve accomplished, and everything I’ve achieved and learned. The sweet spot for me is doing what I love to do. 

If you’re stuck in a funk and you know you’ve got the skills and the capability to create something, what could be your best work? How can you make it remarkable and extraordinary? What would raise the bar in your industry? 

if you want to do a deep dive into becoming even more unshakable so that you can reach super high performance, take a look at my brand new training that you can get instant access to by heading to simonlovell.com/unshakable.

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Simon Lovell

Featured on Forbes.com and Entrepreneur, Simon Lovell coaches and mentors top CEOS, entrepreneurs, and leaders on emotional intelligence, fulfillment, and happiness so they can reach the next level of impact. He is author of The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have A Secret & the host of Unshakeable Leaders Podcast.

His loving but NO BS approach and super strong accountability in his signature 6-week program The Super High-Performance Formula has been called 'profound' and 'life-changing'.

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