7 Things You Can Do To Gain Respect From Your Employees Immediately

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When you have respect for yourself and you receive it back from other people it gives you energy. You feel on fire!

When I’m working with the CEO’s and entrepreneurs, the frustrations a lot of the time are that they’re not being heard or listened to, and the things they ask for are not being done.

If that continues for long enough, your confidence as a leader starts to decrease, your thoughts become negative, and then you can make silly decisions,. There’s an increase in irritation and you can let people go because you feel frustrated.

How can you get back to yourself as quickly as possible and run your company from a place of respect?


This positive exercise helps you to take responsibility, regain energy and get back into control. 

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side, write down everything you’re irritated by or frustrated with. Write whatever comes up for you – other people, employees, managers, new starters, and people you collaborate with.

On the right side, write down if you had to take 100% responsibility for the situation what would it be?


Your ego will hate this because you already feel you did things or you asked, but to regain authentic power you need to take responsibility.

Maybe one of your frustrations is that you’re not being listened to. How can you take responsibility for that? Could it be that you’re not connecting with that person and therefore they’re not listening to you? Were they onboarded properly? Have you been in a confident place so they don’t understand the consequences of the business? 

Take ownership and responsibility instead of being the victim.

Completing this exercise gives you so much energy because you suddenly start to realize you can be in control. 


Increase the empathy you have towards the people around you.

It can be hard to understand what’s really happening in other people’s lives if you position yourself in a certain way so you can’t have deep conversations or you’re not approachable – a lot of people think they’re approachable, but they’re not. 

You need to get a deeper level of connection with yourself. 

This is why I’m working with entrepreneurs and CEOs on their emotional intelligence and self-awareness to regain connection because a lot of these CEOs, entrepreneurs are burnt out.

Maybe you’re burnt out and you’re struggling to connect with yourself. Because you’re so focused on what’s happening in your life, you struggle to connect and have empathy for what’s happening in other people’s lives.


When something breaks down, it’s because the system is broken. You lose respect because of a system that’s out of place. 

You need to look at anything you’re frustrated by.

Is there a system you can put in place so a situation doesn’t occur again? I’m great at systems. I love looking at businesses and seeing how can I improve them. I’m always tweaking my programs.

If you’re at the point in your life and your business that you’re operating that you don’t care for it you won’t optimize it anymore.

When you were excited and focused you may have started to put systems in place, but over time you may have lost the desire to optimize those systems. 


The more I’ve removed distractions, the more I’ve been able to connect with myself and other people. That’s about being in a conversation with someone and caring; whether that’s with your clients or your employees.

You can’t be present with someone if you have other priorities, or if you’ve got clutter spinning around in your mind.

There’s a direct correlation between priority and being present – if you have things taking your mind off in another direction, you will be in a conversation with someone but you’re half in and you’re half out. People sense that.

Being present is going to help to gain respect because you’re within an energy bubble with somebody versus being outside of it.

In a relationship, people feel safe because they feel like there’s an energy field connecting them. People can feel unsafe in intimate or business relationships, and get scared when there isn’t a connectedness energy bubble around them.

Your ability to be present and create that safety with your employees is really important so they can talk to you without the fear of loss. 

Transparency is very key. You will lose respect when people don’t feel they can approach you and speak about what’s happening. 

You get false information relayed back to you because people talk to you with fear instead of honesty.

Then you feel frustrated because you don’t feel people are listening to you, but you’re not listening to the person speaking to you. You go off track and start to lose connection with your employees. 


You should commit to growing your company, but you should also commit to your evolution and your growth. People come to me because they realize personal things they have happening outside of operating the company need to be addressed.

Trauma from the past, or relationships that are out of alignment can cause someone to go into work and take their issues with them.

Your commitment to your evolution, self-awareness, and personal growth, to be a better man or woman is going to have a direct impact on a level you can’t understand right now.

Regaining self-respect, and the respect of the people around you enables you to hold stronger boundaries with a level of confidence you may have lost connection to. Don’t be embarrassed about this, understand it can happen to anybody. 

Always commit to being the best you can be and be willing to challenge and have someone challenge you. 

A lot of the time you can feel you know it all, and not be willing to allow someone to help you. That’s very dangerous because you can evolve from that place. 


High performers often think they have a good culture, but actually, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

I’m always open to improving my culture within my business. When you’ve got a lot going on you can let things slip – if you don’t have trust and transparency, people don’t think they can speak up about what’s real in the company.

That impacts morale and the level of people’s fulfilment, happiness, and energy. When you don’t have emotional intelligence in your company you have low energy levels within your business. 

When energy is low thoughts start to become low, and people unconsciously self-sabotage, but when people feel cared about, they can approach you and that creates a bond.

That bond creates respect.


This is about you regaining trust in yourself. I understand what can happen when a company grows and you start to take on more and more employees. One of the things you need to start to do is to regain trust in yourself so you can gain trust from other people. 

People need to feel a level of safety so they know you’ve got their back. 

When you go back to the workplace floor you start to talk to people. You get to know them and be vulnerable so you connect at a much deeper level. That creates a big shift.  

Trusting your intuition, your gut, and sensing what really needs to happen comes from developing emotional intelligence. It comes from you working on yourself, so people can trust you again. 

You think people trust you and they have respect, but they don’t, because there’s so much that is left in the world of the unspoken. 

I want to help you get your fire and excitement back. Get control and respect back by taking responsibility, having empathy, by tweaking or creating new systems. Become present, and take action on the things that you hear and feel. 

It’s okay to have lost your confidence and connection. but when you start to use your intuition and start to have deeper levels of conversation, you will regain trust in the ecosystem of your business.

Here’s to you regaining respect.

If you’re committed to going deeper, to become happier and fulfilled head to Simon lovell.com or if you’re a CEO / entrepreneur and you want to develop strong emotional intelligence you can apply for my 6 week 1-1 intensive course here.

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