How To Get To The Next Level When You’ve Been Stuck For A While

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If you don’t understand the principles of getting to the next level in all areas of your life, you’re going to stay stuck, feel down, and be frustrated. 

It’s incredibly important to define what the next level for you is in your business. What does it mean for you to be able to get to the next level?

If you don’t know what it means to you it can be really difficult for you to start to move forward and get there. 

My next level comes through my growth and journey; it’s about doing the things that scare me because facing them rewires my mind, letting my subconscious know I’m able to achieve them. 

I also like to have idea and go after them. That might be something I don’t doubt, but it’s just something I like the idea of. I’m a creator so I’m always coming up with ideas I take action on. I’ve achieved my next levels by writing books, creating programs, or setting my next targets.

My success has come from doing what I’ve set my mind to – not procrastinating, but committing and taking action on it. 

I’m open to seeing weaknesses in myself. I’ve noticed when I was lacking personally and committed to changing, dealing, and solving it – the next level is very important in all areas of life, not just in business. 

When you work on yourself, you commit to developing yourself emotionally, energetically, and spiritually – because you have a better connection with people and there’s a positive impact on your business. 

When it comes to investing in yourself personally your tangible rewards come from the actions you take that you once didn’t. The deeper I’ve gone within myself, going to the dark places and dealing with emotions and difficult situations, has enabled me to get to my next level.

It means going deep within you to deal and resolve something from your past. Once you remove and deal with it, you free up energy catapulting you to your next level – they are some of the most rewarding changes. 

When you commit to your next personal level your business improves.

I would not have been able to the level of success in my business had I not dealt with my addictions, because my body would not have been able to handle the pressures. 

I love to create extraordinary experiences for others – online, or in-person through masterminds and events. I take people to their next level experience so they appreciate how it feels. Most people don’t do that for themselves. To be forced into a situation and an environment you would never normally put yourself in opens your eyes to another level.  

When the next level is a big goal, most people don’t break down that goal into steps. Your next level in terms of a big jump are the micro next levels and the mini-steps to get to that bigger goal.

If you don’t have that, and you don’t understand that you have to get clarity, you have to seek and track down the person that’s already done it so you can get clarity on your next step. 


You have to neutralize all of the parts that may be limiting you from moving upwards to the next level. That could bean an addiction, a toxic relationship, or a thought that is stopping you from breaking through.

To neutralize something is to free up energy so you can move forward and not procrastinate. 


To be able to get to the next level, you have to be able to take action.

You need to take your ideas and move forward with them, even if they’re scary, even if you’re wondering if they are going to work out – while you’re stuck in nonaction and you’re not executing, and as more time passes, the more you fall into self-doubt.


Xenial is the friendly relationship between people, namely, a host and the guest. 

The relationships you develop with people help to move you to your next level. My genuine friends have been a big catalyst for my success and getting me the next level, through friendships that developed.  

You have to stretch yourself say yes to the things you want to say no to; go to the event and make the effort to connect. The truth is that amazing things happen through connection and friendships. 


You need to be thorough. Don’t miss any details, dive into things, see how they work, and get specific.

A power question I ask in coaching with my clients is, what specifically needs to happen for that to happen? This question allows you to be thorough, to not miss the details.

When you start to get specific, you start to have a breakthrough that helps you get to your next level. 


You have to love what you do to break through to the next level. You’ve got to love yourself, you’ve also got to love other people.

The more you cultivate a love for yourself, the more you will love what you do. 

There are a lot of people who don’t have love for themselves, and they’re in something they hate. If you’re feeling that way you’re going to have a big challenge, even if you’re in the business of your dreams – you have to develop love for yourself because you’re going to take that into whatever you do. 

To start to open yourself up again, to love, and to start to be able to receive that again takes deep work. You can become closed off, and put the shield up around you – then you can become an angry, frustrated person and it’s very difficult to put energy into anything you’re trying to grow to get to the next level.


Lack of understanding of your emotional intelligence will stop you from breaking through to the next level because your emotions are in control of you.

As you start to develop your awareness around all of the different emotions you feel, you start to notice the opportunities available to you, be aware of what’s happening in your body, and then make powerful empowering decisions versus limitation based decisions.

A feeling that stops you, shocks you and causes you to freeze, will result in inaction.


The ability to be vulnerable and speak the truth is the next level. You will push people away or people will move away from us when you’re not willing to remove your guard. 

When you speak the truth and you’re vulnerable, you create connection.

Your ability to be vulnerable allows someone to pull you up to the next level because sometimes you need that. It might be a mentor or a friend who helps you to the next level, enabling you to walk yourself.


Start to think about energy and completely link it to movement and getting to the next level. When I wake up someone’s energy, I might challenge them against their belief systems, their language patterns, or their lackluster mood.

If you’re not in the right place because your energy is down you need to wake up your energy – I create an eruption of energy through challenges or goal setting to fire up energy. It changes your thoughts and it changes how you feel.

As your energy shifts, you have confidence. That buildup of energy is momentum, it’s action, it’s not worrying about what people think it’s not allowing fear to control you.

The immense power of increased energy is like a whirlwind. Nothing can stop you.

Understand that energy is one of the most important factors of getting to the next level because it forces you into a place of pure power. 


Getting to the next level is one thing, but you will reach a whole new next level when you start leading others.

It’s not all about you, it’s about lifting other people up and empowering them. That gives you a whole new type of energy.

It’s about taking ownership and having the confidence to lead others powerfully, and it comes from connecting with yourself better, having a better connection with your family, being a better person, and cultivating a new layer of leadership through depth. 

Whatever your next level is, understand that you will get there if you commit and you have fire within you. 

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