Are You Unconsciously Wiggling Your Way Away From Freedom?

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The biggest shifts I’ve had in all areas of my life financially, emotionally, spiritually, and in my relationships haven’t come from easy, fluffy conversations.

My turning points have come from challenging conversations I’ve had with my mentors and coaches – the people who held me accountable by holding my ass to the fire. It was difficult at the time, but I can look back knowing they were right.

There’s a deep emotionally and energetically intelligent level to accountability. There’s also the aftermath – when someone holds you accountable you can look back and appreciate it was a pivotal turning point in your life. 

You Get Stuck

If like most people you find it hard to ask for help, it’s likely that you’re avoiding feelings you know will come up – you desire a loving correction and you want encouragement, but when you get the opportunity to be held accountable you avoid it. Your mind finds a way for you to wiggle out of the opportunity, so your little problems end up turning into big ones.

Accountability requires commitment and for you to let go of your pride.

Breakthroughs happen when you can admit you have no idea why you’re showing up in a particular way and you trust someone to bring awareness to it. 

When I’ve been held accountable by my mentors it forced me to up my game. That lead my confidence to grow which meant I was able to make shifts in other parts of my life and create more opportunities.

Good accountability means you’ll get more done in less time.

You Take Action

Milestones and deadlines get you where you need to be. The consequences in the Super High Performance Formula means you have to follow through and take action. 

Get honest and think about the things that you’re not following through on and the long term impact that’s having on your life. When you avoid being accountable you don’t get the benefit of staying focused and achieving milestones – I used to let things continue and pass by for years.

Open yourself up to being accountable with someone that knows where you need to go and how to get you there; you’ll shortcut your success, and the pain you’re feeling. 

Think about how accountable you are. Do you side step things you know you need to take action on even tough you know it will benefit you emotionally and professionally?

Are you afraid of confrontation, do you think the things will simply go away and do you need someone to bring attention to your blind spots? Your blind spots pull you down, but when you’re aware of them, you catapult yourself to your next level of happiness.

Without being made to be accountable are you going to get where you want to be? How long will it really take you? 

Find the right person to get you where you want to get, and then get them to hold you accountable. Be very conscious to find the type of energy for you, so they hold your ass to the fire, and there will be consequences if you don’t follow through. 

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Featured on Forbes.com and Entrepreneur, Simon Lovell coaches and mentors top CEOS, entrepreneurs, and leaders on emotional intelligence, fulfillment, and happiness so they can reach the next level of impact. He is author of The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have A Secret & the host of Unshakeable Leaders Podcast.

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