The Mindset That Heals Vs The Mindset That Kills

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Mindset That Heals Vs Mindset That Kills

In today’s episode I cover the important mindset switches that will help you to make a difference in your life.

Crying Vs Suppression Of Emotion

Crying heals. When you cry, you let the tears flow, and release the energy you were holding on to. Create space for other people to cry and never interrupt a natural flow of emotion. 

When you suppress your emotions they manifest into anger, rage, and frustration. 

Reaching Out Vs Doing It Alone

Reach out for help instead of doing everything on your own. Failing to reach out when you’re struggling or trying to be too independent will hold you back.

Apologizing Vs Being Stubborn

Genuinely saying you’re sorry helps you to heal, but being stubborn, and punishing another person kills your inner spirit.  

Taking Time Off Vs Pushing Through

Know when you should distance yourself when you feel cloudiness versus the mindset of needing to push through. 

When you continue to push through and you don’t take time off, you can’t re-energize and things start to break down.

Numbing Yourself Vs Going Inward

Doing things you know aren’t healthy for you such as drinking, smoking, and taking drugs creates toxicity in your body so you don’t feel anymore. Instead, have a healing mindset of doing things that are good for you, such as spending time in silence. 

Fear Vs The Answering The Call

Fear that something won’t work out despite having the calling to do it instantly shuts you down, stopping you from having an abundance mindset.

When self-sabotage creeps in you stop yourself from taking the next step forward. 


High Standards Vs Low Standards

Raise your standards in every area of your life, health, attitude, and the things you do and create. 

You keep low standards because it feels safe.

You stay at the same level as the other people around you and continue to play small instead of raising your bar. Allow other people to fall away if they need to.

Entertainment Vs Investment

Instead of spending money on things to entertain or numb yourself, choose to invest in yourself so you can grow and thrive in different areas of your life. This could be as simple as reading a book instead of watching TV.

Lies Vs Truth

A low personal standard is to be speaking or living in lies. Every time you lie, you take yourself further from yourself creating a black ball of energy within you that manifests into more lies. 

What is your truth? 

I would rather live in my truth, than play along with something and for it to be detrimental to me. 

Change Vs Skepticism

Be open to change and expansion instead of being closed off and skeptical. If you’re skeptical about everything, and not open to anything you continue to have the same habitual behavior over and over.

It’s a loop that holds you back. 

Toxic People Vs Healthy People

Surround yourself with people who lift you up. To do that, you need to cultivate the place within yourself that lifts you up so you can lift others too. 

Fun Vs Isolation

Do some of the things you did as a kid versus isolation. Don’t lose yourself in the race and the hustle, let out your fun, goofy side! 

Faith Vs Scared

Having faith in yourself that you can create and build. You can have the life you desire instead of being scared and withdrawn. 

What will it take for you to have faith in yourself?

Worthless Vs Proud

Feeling like you’re worthless and you have nothing to offer is a lie you tell yourself instead of being proud. When you feel proud, you focus on your small achievements allowing them to build into something monumental. 

Confidence Vs Procrastination

You can feel threatened by and less than other people, disconnecting you from your confidence; and when you’re not confident you don’t take action, you procrastinate.

Remind yourself when you were at your most confident and feel that energy to raise your confidence again.

Vulnerability Vs Closed Off

It takes courage to be vulnerable and speak your truth. When you’re vulnerable you allow other people to feel your authenticity. Are you going to choose the actions and thoughts that are going to disrespect your soul or choose actions to heal you? 

When you heal yourself you’re also able to heal others. 

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Simon Lovell

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