He Was Procrastinating, But Now Coach Mario Is Taking Massive Action

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This is what Mario had to say about his six-week quiet with The Super High Performance Formula

Woohoo – an amazing process! I’m so pumped. It went by so quickly – thank you, Simon.

I trust the process.

It went by so quickly because I was engaging in everything, and it allowed me to be more in action, share myself, share my truth, and also be vulnerable – so I can be not only authentic, but also find myself deeply that I have a story to share, make an impact in people’s lives, and be a great role model for my kids. 

It was a great importance for 42 days and I will pursue that momentum forward – I’ve seen a model with your way of being, your process, your care. It makes so much of a difference. 

I just gotta say, just jump in, just do it.

Be responsible, be engaged, and commit to the process that will certainly transform your life, your relationship, and your career; any opportunity you have to get better  – this program will do that for you.

If you’re a leader, a CEO, or an entrepreneur and you want to achieve amazing results and emotional intelligence, you can apply for my 6 week 1-1 intensive here or check out the Super High Performance Formula.

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Simon Lovell

Featured on Forbes.com and Entrepreneur, Simon Lovell coaches and mentors top CEOS, entrepreneurs, and leaders on emotional intelligence, fulfillment, and happiness so they can reach the next level of impact. He is author of The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have A Secret & the host of Unshakeable Leaders Podcast.

His loving but NO BS approach and super strong accountability in his signature 6-week program The Super High-Performance Formula has been called 'profound' and 'life-changing'.

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