Sales Pro Dave Ended His Costly Repeated Pattern Of Self-Sabotage

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This is what Dave had to say about his six-week quest…

Wow, working with Simon through the Super High Performance formula has been transformative for me. 

It’s definitely opened up a lot of new opportunities and has really allowed me to shift my life and to show up with much more presence, much more courage, and much more ability than before I started the program. 

When I first started working with Simon I was in a kind of a dark place – I kept running against obstacles that seemed insurmountable and I kept struggling with a repeated pattern of what seemed like self-sabotage, or I would take a step forward, and it seemed like I would be pushed back a couple of steps. 

This had happened a number of times through my life and I remember when I first joined I was a little scared because I could see from what Simon shared, that we were going to go deep. We were going to do some tough work and really dive into parts of my life that I had basically put off and had tried to repress or forget about. Simon made it very clear that we needed to go there in order to unlock the next level. 

I embraced that even though I was a bit scared. 

In the beginning, I embraced that, understanding that if we do the same thing and we expect a different result that’s insanity. I needed to do something different, so I fully committed myself going into the program. 

I discovered the things that were holding me back that I thought were so big and insurmountable, look that way from a certain angle, but the reality is, once you take a certain action, with encouragement, and within a structure, then you can overcome those things. What seems really huge, actually is pretty small in comparison and can’t really hold you back. 

I experienced massive shifts, especially in the first few weeks.

Through the whole program, I experienced these massive shifts, where I had this deep insight and realization that I was actually holding myself back through thought patterns and beliefs that I had – and if we could just unlock that and get to a deeper level and basically reprogram that, then a whole new world of opportunities started to open up for me. 

The whole program has been amazing – now, where I’m at is a very different place. Now I’ve realized that there are other challenges I need to face because that is life.

We never stopped being challenged, but a couple of things have happened. There are new challenges and I’m faced with greater opportunities, and I also have more courage, more insights, more tools, and more abilities to face those challenges than before I started working in the program. 

Even though I know there are always going to be upcoming challenges, I now have a strategy, I now have an approach.

I can approach them and lean into them with confidence and certainty, knowing that I’m going to be able to face those even as more challenges come up. It gets me excited because a bigger challenge means a bigger opportunity and huge things are coming. 

I already see big shifts in my life and in my business specifically, since working in this program.

If you’re on the fence about it, if you are thinking should I do this or not, if you feel something is holding you back and you haven’t been able to crack that code and really understand what it is, then I would say that’s definitely a good sign that this is for something for you to do. 

If you feel this resonates with you, and you’ve tried other systems and programs and coaches and nothing has really gotten you to break through to the next level, then chances are, this is going to be a great opportunity for you to finally break through to the next level – to finally start to allow your greatness to shine through as I have seen. 

I’m super excited and I plan to keep implementing everything that I’ve learned in this program. The learning never stops, the execution never stops. 

I’m super looking forward to what’s coming next.

I’m super grateful to Simon and to everybody else who is in the program or facilitates. You guys are doing an amazing job and I just want to express my deep gratitude for all the transformations that have happened. Thank you so much.

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