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This is what Russell had to say about his six-week quest in the Super High-Performance Formula.

I just wanted to come on here and share with you why I started this program and where I am today. 

I felt like I was really at a ceiling and kind of couldn’t get out of my own way. I didn’t really know why that was happening and kind of had some ideas, but I felt like I hit a plateau and there was no breaking through it. 

I decided to go ahead and take part in this program, and it opened my eyes to some new things that I never in a million years thought that I would ever consider doing or think about.

More than anything, it kind of relieved the stress of having to break through this ceiling, and weirdly enough, when I felt like I didn’t have to do it anymore, all of a sudden all these good things started to happen. 

I’ve broken through and I continue to just soar to new heights that I didn’t know were there and possible for me.

This program has been a kick in the butt.

At the same time, it has made me a better person, a better dad, a better husband, a better business person. I’ve learned to think about things in a totally different manner and really learned to handle my emotions in a different way than I had ever done before in my life. 

If you’re thinking about going through this program, or you’re just starting it, stick with it, do it, pull the trigger, just go ahead and take the leap of faith and just trust that the program works and the process works, and you will come out on the other end of it feeling so much better about yourself and what you’re capable of.

It’s gonna take you to new places you never thought possible. 

I couldn’t give a better or a higher kudos to Simon than I think I already have. Without him and in this process and the people in the group, I don’t know that I would have taken some of the steps that I did take and it certainly opened doors that I never thought about going through.

I encourage you all to take the leap and rise up just as I have!

If you’re a leader, a CEO, or an entrepreneur and you want to achieve amazing results and emotional intelligence, you can apply for my 6 week 1-1 intensive here or check out the Super High Performance Formula.


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Simon Lovell

Featured on Forbes.com and Entrepreneur, Simon Lovell coaches and mentors top CEOS, entrepreneurs, and leaders on emotional intelligence, fulfillment, and happiness so they can reach the next level of impact. He is author of The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have A Secret & the host of Unshakeable Leaders Podcast.

His loving but NO BS approach and super strong accountability in his signature 6-week program The Super High-Performance Formula has been called 'profound' and 'life-changing'.

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