5 Meditation Hacks For CEOs With An Overactive Mind

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I get a lot of questions from company owners about meditation – some want to know where to start and others are already on their meditation journey and want advice on the best way to move forward with their practice. 

There are many meditation techniques you can use including guided, listening to music, or simply sitting quietly with yourself. When you’re in a meditative state you can reduce your stress levels, increase your self-awareness and allow yourself to drop into a different state of mind – from that place within you can ask questions allowing your subconscious mind to bring you the information you may not be able to answer consciously. 

I Needed Help

I began meditating after I had a panic attack. I remember laying in the fetal position on a friend’s garden, desperately wanting the attack to end. I sought out basic meditations such as Calm and Headspace but found I needed to go deeper, so I went to India with Tony Robbins. I forced myself into total immersion and I was stretched outside my comfort zone – I not only became more consistent in my meditations, but I went deeper into them, moving from 30 minutes to an hour. 

The adjustments I made to my meditations over the years have made the biggest difference to me personally, and I discovered they made a difference to me as an entrepreneur. 

Re-wire Your Brain

It’s important to create consistent habits with meditation and to go deeper, to enable neuroplasticity to take place. When you meditate consistently, and you’re able to drop in deeper for longer periods of time, your brain becomes wired to a new way of being.

When you meditate because you’ve developed it as a habit it drives you to meditate more. 

You discover want meditation in your life because you feel and appreciate its benefits. You also know how differently you feel and the impact it has on you when you don’t.

It’s not about just using meditation as a reaction to something that’s happened to get you feeling your usual self.  When you’re consistent in your life you’re able to perform, have more focus, feel less stress, and be more confident.

During my six-week program, I guide my clients from 10-minute meditations during week one through to 60 minutes in the final week and they get great results becasue they’re made accountable during the entire process. 

If you’re already meditating, but you’re stuck for some reason or you have limiting beliefs I’m going to share five different adjustments you can apply to your meditations to help you.

Click here to find out the five things you can do to help you in your meditation

I have put together some varied short meditations for you and you can also check out my advanced training here.


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