This CFO Finally Regained Her Momentum After Years Of Procrastination

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She is a CFO and Tax Strategist. This is what Jayanthi Ganapathy had to say about her six-week quest in the Super High-Performance Formula.

The reason I joined this program is because I was at a point in my business where I felt stuck for the past two to three years, and I was not growing my business to a level with the goals I set. 

For some reason, I’d started some actions towards growing it, and in terms of marketing sales I was consuming a lot of material and courses and learning a lot, and still, I was lacking in taking the action needed to move to that next level – that was happening for about a year or even more. Then I started thinking, what is happening, why I’m not able to see through this? 

I would start something, join a course, and then I may not go through the course in full, or maybe if it was a three-month program, I would take more than a year to finish it.

I was procrastinating and not taking the right action.

That’s not like me, I’m not a person who doesn’t take action. I’m a workaholic and I’m very active and energetic; I’ve always been very successful in my career and my previous job. 

When it came to entrepreneurship and I was really struggling to gain that momentum, and I couldn’t figure out why that was happening.

That’s when I joined Simon’s program. I heard about this program when I was part of an information webinar by Mark Firth. 

Something Simon said resonated with me and I felt maybe I should do this program so that it would help me make the shift that I’m looking for – that’s how I joined the program. 

This program really helped me identify why I wasn’t able to progress in my business, why things weren’t happening, and why I was procrastinating

The biggest part was when we went through the blackball exercise to identify the darker side within me. This program really helped me look inside me and identify those darker things that I was hiding from myself and not sharing with anyone. 

The blackball exercise was definitely a game-changer so I was able to release that blocked energy within me and that drastically shifted everything in my entrepreneurship. That’s a big thing and this program really made me look more inward than looking for reasons outside – that’s a big takeaway for me. 

By completing the six weeks – the main thing was releasing that blocked energy and that led me to gain momentum in my business. Since then, by the time I finished the program I’d identified a niche that I want to work with, and I came up with all these new ideas that I can implement, and new marketing strategies that I wasn’t even thinking about before. 

Because of going through this exercise, I was able to identify the one thing I’m working on – a podcast. I never thought I would start a podcast but an idea came to me. 

One thing I really wanted to mention and like about this program is the accountability. I‘ve invested a lot of money in the past two to three years, more than a hundred thousand dollars in several programs.

I haven’t seen one program that has this high level of accountability that makes sure you finish the program that you started from start to finish.

That has happened only in this program and a lot of thanks to Simon and Sarah for making sure I was keeping up with the program and seeing through to the end and finishing it. 

In the end, I came out really transformed. One of the biggest changes is that I am not afraid of standing in front of the camera and speaking anymore.

That’s a big win for me and a huge momentum for my business. I highly, highly recommend anyone to take up this course  – don’t even think twice. Thank you.

If you’re a leader, a CEO, or an entrepreneur and you want to achieve amazing results and emotional intelligence, you can apply for my 6 week 1-1 intensive here or check out the Super High Performance Formula.


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